Initial Thoughts

After about a thousand posts on the old site, I’ve been thinking about what direction I’ll be going with this new and improved site which, along with the layout, will most likely encompass a little of the old George, with an emphasis on a larger spectrum of issues, ideas, nonsense, pictures. I’m feeling, right now, that ranting for the sake of ranting (often times, with very little substantive background or supporting factual data to give credence to the rants) is something that I am going to try to avoid. Yes, the rants are fun to write. The responses (comments), to the rants have been, if not interesting, amusing, caustic, sarcastic, disingenuous, remarkable, kind. Hopefully, though, future posts on this site will be more thoroughly thought-out, better written, more worthy of serious comment.

Having said that, then, here are few of the topics that have accumulated on my desk, which will probably rise to the suface of the pile in the next few weeks:

Imminent, most likely inevitable hike in property taxes to remediate Denver’s gross negligence in attending to deferred infrastructure maintenance and repair of city facilities, parks

More observations, thoughts, insights into New Urbanism and its application or misapplication in the West Highlands neighborhood and other areas of the city

Hickenlooper’s ten-year plan to end homelessness

The interestingly lofty goal to raise North High School to, as North High principal JoAnn Trujillo-Hays calls, a “World Learning” campus (whatever that means)

Meanderings–hopefully creative–with regard to the old neighborhood, West Highlands; the folks, the critters, the trees, the plants, the parks

An occasional dip into the unsavory subject: Dubya


And, lots of other stuff that riles or interests me.

Anyway, I like the layout of WordPress and the ease of use it provides. So, to the few faithful readers I have, I’ll keep plugging away.


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4 Responses to Initial Thoughts

  1. Still out here readin man.

    Hit it.


  2. anony says:


    Here another rant: Why is the official City/County Denver website so lacking? Why, for instance, can’t any City contract be pulled up and reviewed? We know that “open government” is hollow, but why haven’t the daily newspapers pointed this out? Speaks to the increasing irrelevance of tradiional journalism. Mostly just sucking up to power.

    And, pray tell, what is Hick going to do with his half million dollar war chest when he has no opposition? Let’s test his committment to homelessness and preschool education and observe how much of that he contributes PERSONNALLY to those causes.

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