George Has a New Camera (And, of course, the first shot is Sarah.)


An Olympus E-500 has entered my life. It is one of those cameras that demand a working knowledge of the photographer’s esoterica: ISO, aperture settings, shutter speed, filters. It will be months before I’m comfortable with the depth of know-how the camera requires. The camera provides up to 8 mega-pixels. Not really knowing–I guess I should take a look at the WordPress FAQs dealing with the same–the maximum pixel saturation that the old blog will accommodate, I’ll start out by simply posting thumbnails. I’v read that different browsers provide different views of images: that Mozilla Firefox seems to be more image friendly than Explorer. Since I use Mozilla, the images I post appear, to me at least, fine–not half hidden under the sidebar which, I’m told, Explorer may do. But, anyway, this is a new adventure for me and it does provide a renewed interest in capturing those things I love to capture for posterity…a picture is, after all, worth… Well, you know the rest.

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4 Responses to George Has a New Camera (And, of course, the first shot is Sarah.)

  1. Can you reduce the purple, or is Sarah not feeling well?

  2. georgeindenver says:

    Alas, the unusual hues are due to operator ignorance. The color of her eyes are, however, extraordinarily true…

  3. A Q13 is a magical thing. Also the curves control in Photoshop. “Auto” is my first defense. But I suspect the camera’s input is bang-on and the issue is with the monitor. I’m sure you’re well-versed in monitor calibration, but it’s well worth rechecking.

    CONGRATS on new hardware! Olympus makes great stuff! Sarah does look a bit pinkish… but she -is- a girl after all. :-}

  4. georgeindenver says:

    Thanks, Doog. I’ve added another shot I took of the “soulful” little girl today. I think my problem with the original “pink/purple” shot was lighting and my ignorance of how to adjust for it.

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