An Ignoble Effrontery – Westboro Baptist Buffoons

dsc03134.jpgWith disgusting predictability, Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church will picket the funeral of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Not content with interjecting their particular gutterscum rhetoric–shrouded within the protections of the First Amendment–into the solemn moments of grieving mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives, lovers, children of this country’s war dead, Phelps and his minions ignominy persists as something quite evil; something quite despicably ugly.

May we be outraged by the unintended consequences of the First Amendment, while, at the same time, gritting out teeth and standing firm in acknowledging the essential worth of First Amendment protections? Of course we can.

But, wouldn’t it feel so good to punch the son-of-a-bitch, Phelps, in his haggard smirk; wouldn’t it just feel so good to… Yes, yes, I’m remembering it now.

When Phelps and crew showed up at the funeral (memorial service) for Matthew Shepard–the twenty-one year old gay student who was beat to death in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998 because of his sexuality–there were those who donned home-made wings of angels–rising high above their shoulders–and they, the angels, interposed themselves between the insensate evil of Phelps’ buffoons and the grieving friends and family of Matthew Shepard?

Yes, of course, that is the promise of the First Amendment. God bless the angels. God damn the evil. And, it will be a higher authority than the First Amendment, who will–can’t help myself here–kick that sorry-assed, dipshit, son-of-a-bitch Phelps straight to hell…bible and all.
Enough said.

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7 Responses to An Ignoble Effrontery – Westboro Baptist Buffoons

  1. Suz at Large says:

    Oh lord, not those lunatics again. I remember seeing TV coverage about Phelps several months ago. Sounds like he’s a real wacko – an anger addict. A walking argument for institutionalizing people with mental illness – specifically with his. Can’t read for long about the Phelps menagerie without feeling the need to take a shower. Or hit somebody. Or something. Grrrrr and yeeeecchh…

  2. Just looked at that photo carefully – that jackass is STANDING on an American flag!!! How can THEY get away with that?????? Where is Homeland Security. Oh, wait, they’s Car-is-chunz, laws don’t a-ply to thaim.

    MFs better get under cover quick if civil war breaks out, or they’ll be the first ones up on lightposts.

  3. georgeindenver says:

    Hey, Doog

    Somewhat inured, I suppose, to the fag rhetoritc, I will admit that, when I took the pictures of the Phelps group when they demonstrated here, the offense that struck me more viscerally was their disrespect for American war dead and, of course, their desecration of the flag that is the symbolic representation of the promise of this democracy. It is not difficult to liken Phelps and company’s fanaticism to that of Islamic fundamentalists who obviously view the world in much the same way.

  4. shoes says:

    giving them a good beating would sure make me feel better. if they showed up at the funeral of someone i cared about god himself would not be able to help them.

  5. Jay says:

    I maintain that there is more evil committed in the name of God and Christianity than any other force in the world today. This is another example of that. God help them on judgment day.

  6. Lover of God says:

    Let’s be clear. These people are NOT Christians. Jesus taught us to love others as ourselves. Please don’t think real Christians share anything in common with these heretical anti-Christs. I love Jesus and I love my brothers and sisters from all walks of life. We are all created in the image of God (Gen 1:27). My prayer today is that God would comfort those who have been so victimized in this world – those attacked and their suffering families and friends – and that love would prevail over hatred. Amen

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