No Tears for Falwell

From AlterNet this morning comes a post entitled, “No Tears for Falwell.”

And, this video from CNN’s interview of Christopher Hitchens.

Way back in 1980, my thoughts published in Out Front magazine included, in part:

“Fundamentalist preachers are demagogues. They feed on the fears and prejudices of the middle-American, good-old-time-religious flocks of right-winged, red-necked, pinko-faggot-hating men, women and children. They see themselves as the bulwark of American decency, the front ranks of Christ’s soldier’s on earth. And, demagogues need a practical demon upon which they can blame the moral dissolution of society. They need someone or something to point to as they thump their Bibles and shout their simplistic messages. And, who do you suppose the fundamentalists have focused on as the root of all that is wrong in America? Yes, you guessed it, they’re pointing their fingers at us, the homosexuals of America–who the fundamentalists believe are taking this country to hell in a hand-basket.

The fundamentalists–80 million strong–are organizing themselves to carry on a holy war in American political arenas whereby they will pressure, cajole and threaten politicians into supporting their righteous battle which involved (besides public displays of homophobia) anti-abortion, anti-ERA and anti-ban on prayer in public schools. The fundamentalists are lobbying Congress, writing letters, giving money, making speeches and praying their little brains out in an effort to shape America into what they think it should be. And, brothers and sisters, the fundamentalist’s plans for the future of American do not include gay rights ordinances, toleration of gay pride parades…”

Prophetic? Perhaps. Suffice it to say, twenty-seven years ago the writing was on the wall; writing that would, one day, see the ascension of a God-fearin’ dullard, besmirching forever the promise of American democracy; a liar and a cheat, a demagogue of immense proportions who, today, must be held accountable– and surely directly responsible for–the deaths of over 3400 American men and women and hundreds of thousands of innocents in a war serving only to satisfy that same dullard’s insatiable ego. Dare I mention the “D” word–Dubya.

No, no tears for Falwell this morning.

Finally, a fervent hope that when ol’ Jerry gets to the Pearly Gates, God – who is probably a three-hundred pound black dyke who doesn’t shave her legs or armpits and just loves self-righteous chubby white men; will stare Falwell right between the eyes and say: “You’ve got a lot of explaining to do, fat boy!!!”

P.S. God’s golden boy still playing to the crowd– from Raw Story.

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One Response to No Tears for Falwell

  1. doog says:

    One down, six million to go.

    Loonies like Falwell are a dime a dozen, the televangelism industry spawns them like tadpoles in stagnant water.

    As long as there are stupid people, Falwall and his clones will continue to bedevil the world. I chose the ‘bedevil’ deliberately.

    I hope Uncle Jerry dressed for warm weather.

    As for Dobson, the man with the axe is closing in on him too. All we have to do is wait.

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