My “View Plane” is Obstructed!


This house is directly across the street from our house. Yes, there’s a house there. If you look very carefully at the top of the picture–where the vines are blooming–you’ll see a slip of yellow slightly below the blooms, which is the house’s roof.

I suspect there is nothing in the code enforcement handbook that deals with this kind of property neglect. Yes, if your weeds are taller than eight inches, code enforcement can handle that. If the overgrowth of your bushes, trees, vines (which I’m sure not only festoon the outside of the roof, but have crept inside and under the roof, as well), completely obstructs the view of the house, then, well, all code enforcement can probably do is scratch their heads with the indomitable conclusion: Ain’t my job, man.

Maybe a “view plane” argument could be made. But, then, if the greenery is trimmed up, we’d have to look at the neglected house.

Can’t win.

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