Neglect of Blog (NOB) Disease

Dear Blog:

I know. I’ve neglected you. I’m sorry.

Thing is, I keep reading, downloading material, clipping articles from the daily rags, listening to the on-airs, watching the unending recapitulation, hour after hour, day after day from cable talking heads. Yes, thing is, I keep doing all of this with the intention of feeding you, Dear Blog–words, thoughts, your nutrition…your appetite insatiable.

Problem is, I keep finding more important things to do. Sorry. Priorities, you know.

First of all, there’s the “creative” writing. Yes, I know, my posts to you, Dear Blog, do, at times, take on a bit of a creative bent. Those are the posts that ramble, usually with content and conclusions that don’t have a lot to do with the intended subject matter of the post. My mind wanders.

The other, more serious, trudge through the “creative” process is fictional genre and certainly literary pieces I’ve been obsessing about (behind your back, Dear Blog), and which have consumed the hours of the day as a spinster her needlework…a solitary passion that, somehow–Go figure!–seems important, worthwhile.

Not that you, Dear Blog, aren’t important. Finding the time to fit you in, has become difficult; a juggling act I’ve yet to master.

Here’s just a vignette of what I would have posted, had I found the time:

Paul Campos, a law professor at CU and contributor to the Rocky Mountain News (Op-Ed), recently wrote:

“A blog allows one to dash off a brilliant riposte to some flawed argument or rhetorical atrocity, without having to deal with publishing schedules or, worse, editors who insist that factual assertions be true, and who place other tiresome demands on creative genius, even as it pours for from a metaphorical pen.

“…I find it difficult to believe that such witticisms [blogger’s posts] aren’t composed with one hand, while the other clutches a glass of cabernet sauvignon the size of Lake Tahoe.

“Indeed, among writers in general, and bloggers in particular, alcohol and narcissism go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Psychologists define narcissistic personality disorder as involving a grandiose sense of self-importance, and an overwhelming need for the constant attention and admiration of others.”

Not that I haven’t perused a few blogs obviously drowning in some mind-dulling substance, and, indeed, wreak of that particular blogger’s obsessive-compulsive urge to perambulate through the silly as opposed to the substantive. But, for Campos to suggest (in fact, believe), categorically that “…alcohol and narcissism…” are the raw materials of the Blogosphere–as opposed to the impeccably lucid haut monde of newspapers where, surely, alcohol and narcissism are conspicuous strangers–wreaks of the delusional conclusion that the “people’s space”–the Blogosphere–is irrelevant and can be dismissed with the false premise that its fuel is unarguably chardonnay and egoism.

Basic legal tenet that provides each reasonable man is presumed to intend the natural consequences of his acts. Campos stuck foot in mouth. Drivel ensued.

P.S. Campos in good company — FOX NEWS

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11 Responses to Neglect of Blog (NOB) Disease

  1. Stephen says:

    So… what you’re saying is that you’re not an alcoholic, but if you drank more, updates would be more and/or less often when encountering time not spent navel-gazing in the mirror? You lost me.


  2. Greg says:

    I’ve noticed you slowed down a bit in the entries, but I have too. There’s only so many hours in the day.

    I believe blogs put the individuality back into our democracy (something Al Gore talks about in his latest book). You cannot classify everyone under one catagory, when there are so many varied opinions out there. Blogs let us dialogue with the process, narcissim aside.

    Besides, I get to live — vicariously — in Denver through your blogs.

  3. georgeindenver says:

    Thanks, Stephen. No, I think Paul Campos lost you, as well as me. Confessing my NOB, had, actually, nothing to do with the Campos piece. Although, apparently, Campos believes if one drinks copiously and, indeed, takes pleasure in staring at one’s navel, then, yes, one might be a more prolific blogger.

    Does that make any sense at all????

  4. georgeindenver says:

    Thanks, Greg. The “people’s space,” narcissim aside–as you said–is perhaps the last bastion of unabashed freedom that we may indulge to our heart’s content. Freedom, a good word. Dialogue, another good word.

  5. Stephen says:

    I find your ideas intriguing and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    In all seriousness, I find navel-gazing to be exceedingly important in the offensively-named Blogosphere. It’s too easy in this era to find an opinion, type it out, post it, and have the world read it without ever taking a moment to ponder, “do I actually believe this crap?” Navel-gazing is a lost art.

    It’s a dying art, these days, pondering and producing meaningful posts on a blog. If it means less frequency from the blogs I frequent (such as this one), I am in total favor of higher standards–a raised bar, if you will. I say we stop calling what we do ‘blogging’ and start being much more honest with ourselves and call a spade a spade: It’s a journal. Blogs are “omfg check this link out lol”. Journals have entries. Of value and merit.

  6. georgeindenver says:

    Stephen. Well said.

    Publishing a newsletter, on the other hand, would irrevocably categorize me as a hopeless drunk, sans self-contemplation (navel-gazing), simply spewing the chaff of the moment.

    Thank you. The lexicon evolves. I post entries to a journal. Hopefully, of value and merit.

  7. When you say “Campos piece” do you really mean “Campus Police”?

  8. georgeindenver says:

    Indeed, Jeffrey. We’re all under arrest for posting while intoxicated (PWI).

  9. Doug Wray says:

    I think it’s endlessly hilarious that ‘learned’ pundits spit on blogs, yet grovel for pennies. Their ‘integrity’ is obvious to the casual observer.

    At least I know you GIVE A SHIT George. That’s more than I can say for many, many ‘real’ (HA!) ‘writers’. Bunch of snivelling never-weres.

    You write whenever you damn well please, your muse is your own. I’m always glad to hear from ya.

  10. georgeindenver says:

    Thanks, Doog.

  11. Matthew says:

    Hey, we all slow down every now and then. But if you ever need a quick news clip, or article, come to

    Anyways, I’m writing from the local desk there and think you have a great local blog. Keep up the good work at any pace!

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