Ayn Rand Opposes Denver Tax and Bond Ballot Issues

That is, if she were still alive, she would. Or, would she? Fascinating discourse on Objectivism. Note: You might just want to begin with Part 2 of the interview where Ms. Rand discusses the “welfare state.”
rand-part-1.jpg Part 1 of interview with Mike Wallace in 1959

rand-part-2.jpg Part 2 of interview

rand-part-3.jpg Part 3 of interview

Prophetic? Maybe. This entry, of course, really has nothing to do with the tax and bond ballot questions. Or does it? How do those who espouse Objectivism view government’s role in taking money (taxes), and issuing general obligation bonds to enhance, for example, children’s day care services or acoustics in a concert hall that will benefit the few, rather than the whole? I suppose if she, Rand, were one of the “few,” it would be fine. Or, does her view of the role of government, preclude concern–much less support–for what has become the generally accepted proper “role” of a democracy. Don’t know.

P.S. Incidentally, this entry was inspired by another entry, “Here Comes That Rainbow Again,” where I raised the visage of Rand in the context of what I termed, “altruism.” Lawd have mercy, I did offend with that one.

Oh well… Onward…

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