Denver Tax and Bond Questions – Bottom Line – (A P.S. on Hick’s Happy-Crappy)

Admittedly, I’ve beat this horse, kicked this dog over the past month to the point where I’m ready to let it go…letting the chips fall and all that.

Bottom Line: NO on 1A and 1H

I’ve argued for a YES vote on the other issues–a couple grudgingly.

My arguments, comments can be seen by clicking on “November Ballot Issues,” on the “Categories” section of the sidebar or where it appears below this entry.

Happy Voting!

P.S. After seeing this happy-crappy nonsense ad from the Hick’s tax/bond campaign, I’m inclined to JUST SAY NO on everything, A THROUGH I. I mean, WTF! How stupid, how juvenile do the Hickies think we are? Apparently, REALLY stupid, REALLY juvenile. Are you buying this shit? I mean, are you REALLY buying this shit?

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