Tax and Bond Questions – Another View (Perhaps the correct view?)

Had dinner with a long-time friend on Saturday. He said he was voting no on all the tax/bond questions appearing on the ballot. He said he’s come to the conclusion that Hickenlooper, like Dubya, is living in a world that most of us don’t inhabit: a world where the machinations of big money, big egos, big returns (for those big egos), are shamelessly touted as visionary necessities for a city that yearns to be “great.” Of course, the burden for Hick’s vision of “greatness,” is, as always, saddled upon you and me (your children and your children’s children)–tax burdens and bond indebtedness, the benefit of which most of us may or may not be directly affected by or, indeed, see in our lifetime.

After dinner, I came home to find that Denver Direct had opined on this issue, noting, in part:

Every time I can remember, in the past 30 some years, the Voters of Denver have chosen, after being ceaselessly battered with millions of dollars worth of TV ads, print ads, and at least 11 expensive mailers to me and my “household”, to further burden ourselves with taxes, or give refunds away, for the enrichment of the banks and developers and, almost incidentally, to build us some cool stuff. These people have to earn a living too, but over ONE BILLION to the bankers and investors? On a half BILLION project. Yikes! Two for them and one for (some of) us. I feel like I’m taking my potatoes down to be mashed.

And wait! Just as a full-blown recession is blowing our way?

Yeah, I’ve had my say and I won’t burden you with any more of my reasoning on this thing.

Two thoughts: 1) Denver is a “great” city, Mister Mayor; 2) My long-time friend and Denver Direct might just be correct.

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