Months ago, I provided an entry titled, “A Redemption for American Idol – Paul Potts ,” that included a video of Mister Potts performing a portion of Pucinni’s “Nessun Dorma,” from the opera “Turandot.” (Yes, I know, it was actually the British version of American Idol.) It has been a continuing curiosity for me that that one entry on the old blog, has brought more traffic to George in Denver than any other entry I’ve made. Indeed, when I Google “American Idol Paul Potts,” my entry pops up first in the immense list of sites that provide links to Mister Potts’ performance. My curiosity with this phenomenon begs the obvious question: With all that is going on in the world, the state, the city, the interests of many out there centers or, at least, tilts toward an otherwise entertaining, but nevertheless quite inconsequential event: a reality show blip featuring a plump guy with a great voice. I suppose the specter of priorities arises with a final observation: Go figure!


The fat lady’s song ended with regard to the Denver tax/bond questions, I guess, late Tudesday or, perhaps, sometime Wednesday after all votes were counted. Predictably, all measures passed. The “wisdom” of the electorate, eh. I supported seven of the nine issues. The two issues I did not support–1A and 1H–will impact property taxes. When considering 1A and 1H, I often thought of my friend Martha “Marty,” who is in her early-seventies and receives a small pension and an even smaller stipend from social security. Her rented apartment drains about eighty percent of her income. As a consequence of the passage of 1A and 1H, Marty’s rent will, undoubtedly rise. But, then, how could any of us really be concerned with the likes of Marty’s plight, when Hick and company had a million bucks to trot out foam rubber huggies in a kind of feel good, happy-crappy, silly-assed campaign that, much like the phenomenon with my American Idol entry, engaged the electorate (or, at least, a simple majority of the electorate), hook-line-sinker. I suppose it is significant that 1H–the ballot question for new construction for cultural facilities–won by the smallest margin of any of the questions. Additionally, with the ever-shrinking value of the American dollar, one wonders about the eventual ability of the Hickies to actually follow through on what it is they’ve promised for $550 million, plus the additional $27 million for on-going infrastructure maintenance? An insightful discourse on this question appears over at Denver Direct.


Strange bedfellows: Rudy Giuliani and Pat Robertson. I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

Rudy in drag
Pat Robertson on “Homos”
Rudy on abortion
Pat Robertson on abortion (amongst other things)

boburnham.jpg A lighter moment. Kid has talent and, more importantly, a sense of humor. My Family Thinks I’m Gay! Video here.

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