Adieu, Kim Bailey

Nothing new to report here that most don’t already know. Yes, Kim Bailey, Denver’s Manager of Parks and Recreation is moving on, getting out of that kitchen where the heat just, well, got a little too intense. As Mayor Hickenlooper waxed nostalgic about Ms. Bailey’s exit (on to a position with the non-profit Outward Bound), “…she won’t have to endure the scrutiny that comes with these public sector jobs…”

Methinks we, THE PEOPLE, Mister Mayor won’t have to endure Ms. Bailey any longer. But, then, one does need to worry about what one wishes for. Indeed, who will hizzoner hire to replace her. I don’t even want to think of the possibilities. Chuck Morris?

Yes, I’ve taken my shots at Ms. Bailey: here, here and here. With her departure, I wish her well. Although it is a little troublesome that hizzoner is going to keep her on as co-chair of the task force looking at the needs of Parks and Recreation and co-chair of the Civic Center task force. Ugh!

Leave it to Charlie Brown, Councilman from South Denver, to provide the most egregious effrontery in commenting on Ms. Bailey’s departure. Ol’ Charlie–he’s such a clown–said of the job Ms. Bailey is vacating, “That is a tough, tough job because everybody thinks they know what they want for their parks, and we got folks who love our parks so much that they don’t think anyone should use them.” And, he didn’t even have his Stetson on when he said it.

Charlie, listen, we THE PEOPLE do know what we want for our parks and Ms. Bailey missed the boat in that regard in several areas. And, by the way, we THE PEOPLE believe in the intelligent use of our parks…places for our children to play, where our dogs can run free in those wonderful enclosures constructed for that purpose, where we can picnic, where we can meet our neighbors, where we can loll and stroll and, yes, where the Night Heron can sing, where the Mallards and Wood Ducks can raise their young, where the Cormorants can feed, where our Canadian friends can poop to their heart’s content.

Get a clue, Charlie. We THE PEOPLE have figured out what our parks are for. You, apparently, missed that bus.

This, then, ends my entries on Kim Bailey…I think.

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