Hickenlooper Hoodwinked… Stammers into a pique

Nothing new here, of course. Even Drudge picked up the so-called “Black national anthem,” being sung by jazz vocalist Rene Marie at the Hick’s State of the City address.

I guess if I’d been there I would have expected the Hick, or more likely ol’ Charlie Brown, to grab the mike from the gal and lead the folks gathered in the atrium of the Webb Building in a resounding rendition of what most of us believe our national anthem is. You know, the “O, say can you see…” version. But, nope, didn’t happen.

Just a thought here. Wouldn’t one think a strong leader who fashions himself to be the best thing to plop his fanny into the mayor’s chair since Quigg Newton, would quickly understand that the proper response to Ms. Marie’s gaff would be to take charge of the situation and, yes, belt out what Francis Scott Key wrote. Maybe he doesn’t know the words. But, if he had shown that kind of leadership, why I bet his minions would have carried him on their shoulders in a victory lap around the atrium.

But, again, it didn’t happen. What did happen is that the Hick stammered, “You know I was more confused and I think I was more… What I was, was disappointed and confused and that’s why I wanted to talk to her.”

Okay. “…confused…disappointed…” Sounds like the foot-in-mouth stammering we’ve come to expect from the Hick. But wait! After huddling with his minions–who surely provided him with a more articulate, if not more please-the-masses response, he said, “The city asked Rene Marie to sing the national anthem at the State of the City event. She agreed to do so. We expected her to sing the national anthem, and she deceived us.

“Her actions show a certain lack of understanding for how strongly our community feels about patriotic symbols and traditions, and certainly overshadowed a day of great importance to our city.”

Um, the Hick’s State of the City is of “…great importance…” to whom? You can answer that one for yourselves. And, certainly, his pique had not so much to do with Ms. Marie’s deception but, rather, that it overshadowed him on that special day each year when a mayor gets to pat himself on the back whether he deserves it or not.

Not that the Hick isn’t deserving in some areas. He is. Just give me a minute to think about it and I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

Wonder what the Democratic National Committee is thinking about all this to-do. Maybe they’re wondering just exactly what kind of hick, um, yokel they entrusted their convention to. Then again, maybe the DNC will welcome Ms. Marie to repeat her performance in the Pepsi Center…a kind of PC thing to do, don’t you think.

Oh well…

(George did get a chuckle out of the whole damned thing.)

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2 Responses to Hickenlooper Hoodwinked… Stammers into a pique

  1. It was a lovely song, but it’s -not- the National Anthem. I’m certainly no conservative (hoots laughter – there’s irony!) but even I was not amused. If she’s invited to sing at the Pepsi Center I’d want something more binding than just words about the content of the music.

    I felt it was just another case of my lefty brothers and sisters makin a wailin big mess out of something simple. Not inspiring at all. Dammit, I tear up when I hear the National Anthem – this time it was tears of frustration.

    First Congress spends the past year with their dicks in their hands, then FISA sails through the House and the Senate is poised to pass it the minute they’re back from the 4th.

    Better. Cleaner. C’mon kids, get it right – you’re making us all look bad. Right when everyone’s lookin.

  2. georgeindenver says:

    Lovely song, yes. Sung well, nope. The lady has the kind of talent that obviously plays well in dimly-lit dives. That this was a publicity stunt, taking advantage of the moment (and the stupidity of whomever in the Hick’s administration that didn’t vet Ms. Marie before signing her on) is obvious. Yeah, she sure got the publicity. Doubt, though–with her measly talent–that her fifteen minutes (more like three) of fame will carry her career any further than, yes, those dimly-lit dives.

    The National Anthem raises goosebumps when it’s done well. I love Whitney Houston’s appearance at a Super Bowl 25, in 1991. That lady could sing, before she disintegrated into the lure of the happy powder.

    Yes, no Conservative here either, Doog. And my disappointment with the Dems mirrors yours. As you say, “C’mon kids, get it right – you’re making us all look bad. Right when everyone’s lookin.”

    Somehow, though, inch by inch, I’m losing faith in this CHANGE mantra. Suspect things will stay pretty much as they are regardless of who next sits in the White House.

    I think David and I are going to move to Canada. Heh!

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