Dallying With the First Amendment – Carol Krecks’ Incredible Odyssey

Update from a posting on “Westword:”

Michael Roberts says:

Good question. Here’s the response from Carol Kreck herself, who responded via e-mail:

“The July 23 date was reset for July 30. But yesterday, the lawyer who’s handling the criminal part said the city attorney called with an offer of fee or diversion. Of course, there’s no way we’d go that route. So on July 30, they set a date for a trial. After that is resolved, then we’ll proceed civilly.”

A couple years ago, I hiked to downtown Denver from my West Highlands home with the intent of taking a few pictures of buildings, the Sixteenth Street Mall, sculptures, people. Pausing at the Colorado Convention Center to take a few pics, I felt the calling of nature…I had to pee. I stepped into the Convention Center where I was met by a rather officious older woman who inquired, “May I help you?” I told I just needed to use the facilities, and she asked if I was officially registered as a participant in the convention being held inside. I, of course, wasn’t and told her so. “Well, I’m sorry,” she said, “but unless you’re officially participating in the current event, I can’t allow you to enter the premises.” I went through a litany of objections and informed the old bat that I believed the restriction was absurd. Thinking about it later, if she had let me in to use the facilities that had been leased by the conventioneers, then she would have let in anybody…even the homeless unwashed who, on that day, were sleeping off the night before right across the street from the entrance to the Center.

But, now comes the case of Carol Kreck who, as the video provides, was ousted from a public area, the atrium of the Denver Performing Arts Center for holding a sign that read: “McCain=Bush.” McCain folks had leased a portion of the INTERIOR of the DPAC for one of his ho-hum “straight talk” bullshit sessions. But, whoa, FREE SPEECH in a public area outside the leased space was seen by the Secret Service and the Denver Police Department as fundamentally wrong, unacceptable, damn the FIRST AMENDMENT, and, therefore, Carol Kreck was cited by the Denver Police Department for “trespassing.”

Oooolala… I can’t wait for this one to be litigated. And, of course, methinks there is a presage here of what to expect when the donkeys come to town.

John McCain Kicks Librarian Out of Town Hall Event

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4 Responses to Dallying With the First Amendment – Carol Krecks’ Incredible Odyssey

  1. After the FISA vote today, I have to say that I no longer give a flying f–k.

  2. Managed an attitude reboot and now have a Kreck-style Bush = McCain bumper sticker.

  3. Linda Marie says:

    Her court date was July 23rd. What happened?

  4. georgeindenver says:

    Linda, I suspect she entered a plea on the 23rd, as her “court date” will be some time next week. I could find no update on either the ACLU or ProgressNow sites.

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