Cop “Surge” for Democratic National Convention – Cost: $11,000,000

In case you missed it, Denver’s Department of Safety presented a request for an ordinance at the Mayor/Council meeting this week that details the cost for bringing in metro area cops (and maybe out of state cops, too), for the Democratic National Convention.

Here’s the breakdown:

Arapaho County: $949,851.42

Adams County: $693,894.77

Jefferson County: $1,037,677.28

Aurora: $2,865,280.83

Lakewood: $1,090,940.26

State of Colorado: $4,128,522.25

Yeah, that’s about $11Million. And, it will come out of the $50Million grant promised by the feds for Denver to assure the Democrats are safe and sound, property is not trashed and people are not harmed during the Donkey confab. Problem is, Denver does not have the funds from the feds yet and will not have the funds until about August 1, according to Mel Thompson, Deputy Manager of Safety. So, the ordinance process must be completed for this expenditure and there is certainly the hope that the feds come through as, um, promised. Did they promise? Anyway, during the discussion of this expenditure, Hizzoner, John Hickenlooper–once again exhibiting his penchant for foot in mouth disease!–noted that what the city is doing is “…actually kind of floating it…” It being the $50Million in promised federal grant money.

Now, Councilman Charlie Brown asked Mel Thompson during this meeting if they expected any out-of-state police officers would be needed because he had heard something about Wyoming contributing officers to the effort. Mister Thompson frowned (Mel frowns a lot) and advised that the discussion of out-of-state police support would be more appropriately discussed in another forum. Read: Out of the public eye.

My prior post of “known” security expenditures by Denver’s Department of Safety, “Donkey Dance Defense – Contingencies of War” is here.

Methinks this convention hoopla–which, in itself, is meaningless, except as very, very expensive coronation of presumptive nominees on both sides–is, at least, archaic and begging for some kind of reformation. Why should the taxpayer, you and me, pick up the enormous tab for this kind of nonsense? Sure, when the politicos head toward a presidential election and do not have a presumptive nominee, then, of course, there is a need for the proverbial “smoke-filled room” deal making, the give and take of big egos burning hot and heavy to come up with compromises (Okay, you can be Secretary of State if you deliver your delegation’s votes to my candidate and, by the way, your wife can be Secretary of Labor).

Just seems this massive waste of taxpayer dollars, political national conventions, are creatures of a bygone era, circa nineteenth-century maybe?

P.S. If Denver calls in cops from Wyoming, we’re gonna have issues. I mean, those guys don’t mess around. See, that red splotch on Wyoming cop’s necks ain’t sunburn, y’all.

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7 Responses to Cop “Surge” for Democratic National Convention – Cost: $11,000,000

  1. C.D. Oliphant says:

    I know for a fact that SEATTLE is also sending officers in for this, well nevermind what “I” call it! Seattle PD has requested local assistance in finding their officers places to stay due to the lack of available hotel vacancies.

  2. Well, if you’re going to have a putsch, best to have enough guns on hand.

  3. Oh, and the majority of your enemies in one place to simplify rounding up and… well, I refer you to numerous sources.

  4. This just in:

    Military to commandeer campus for DNC operations

    By Erin Rosa 07/29/2008

    The Colorado Army National Guard is expected to transform a private Denver university campus into a restricted military lodging area during the Democratic National Convention in August.

    More than 400 soldiers could be stationed in official capacity on the campus according to the National Guard, but the Guard is not disclosing what the troops will be doing during the convention.

    Oh no, they’re not planning anything. Unh uh. Nothing to worry about here.

    Can you say ‘Kent State’?? or, in a more historical National Guard vein: ‘Ludlow’ anyone?

  5. Frassman says:

    Screw all that. Let ‘da Dems fend for themselves! Most of ‘them’ want to take away our guns don’t they? See what ‘they’ can do without a firearm or two!

  6. georgeindenver says:

    Ah, Frassman… You forgot “…from my cold, dead hands.”

    Thanks for your comment.


  7. Suckerlip Blenny says:

    The RNC gathering in MN will also receive $50 million from the gov. for security.

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