Contingencies for War (Part II) – Democratic National Convention

War plans are in place at most downtown properties, office buildings and residences alike, for when the Donkey Dance comes to town. Here is a typical (actual) informational presentation for tenants of a building right in the middle of the “War Zone.”

Ah, ain’t we got fun, y’all…

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4 Responses to Contingencies for War (Part II) – Democratic National Convention

  1. Stephen says:

    You know, I live at 11th and Logan, and work in Louisville. So, rather than have to contend with all the stresses of making it out of and then back into downtown every day, I’m just taking the week off. I have no intention of even getting dressed that week. I think I’m freaking brilliant, man.

  2. chasrmartin says:

    Sigh. If I had any sense, I’d stay the hell out of town. Instead, I’m covering it for Pajamas Media.

    Know anywhere I can rent a gas mask?

  3. georgeindenver says:

    Of course we already knew that, Stephen. Brilliant you are. Had a James Blunt moment there…”My life is brilliant….” But, knowing you through your blog, you certainly rise above Mister Blunt’s notion of “brilliance.”

    Charley: I plan to head on down there, too. With camera–still and movie–in hand. No gas mask, though. Just a wee bit concerned about the “ray gun” broiling–what is it?–1/64th of my skin. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it.

  4. Dave Felice says:

    The hypocrisy of the Democratic National Convention is amazing.
    City leaders continue to insist “the city is open” and “it’s business as usual” while:
    – streets are closed
    – snipers on rooftops
    – public transit schedules change, service cancelled
    – air space is restricted
    – chain link fences confine citizens to specific spaces
    – SWAT sets up a field HQ at downtown building
    – police set up a staging area in the main public library
    – classes on the Auraria campus cancelled for a week
    – downtown post office is closed
    – a number of residents deliberately leave Denver
    – anyone carrying a bicycle lock subject to questioning
    – city suddenly does park/street maintenance
    – hotels, service businesses doubling/tripling prices
    – hundreds of extra police officers imported
    – downtown workers stay home

    In addition, Democratic Party delegates will be holding their convention in a facility belonging to a staunch anti-union Republican. Delegates are staying in non-union hotels, using non-union transportation, and dining at non-union restaurants.

    Denver is apparently still trying to shed its self-conscious “cow town” image, while convention participants are likely to spend their spare time running to Rockmount Western Wear for shirts with pearly buttons and cowboy boots of exotic skins before dinner at the Buckhorn Saloon where even the New Yorkers and Bostonians will try to talk with a western drawl.

    And, since city officials heavily touted the “economic benefit” of the convention, will the city voluntarily offer verifiable evidence? For example, the city ought to be able to report increased revenue from sales and lodging taxes. Denver International Airport could report revenue on increased traffic.

    The city could encourage other businesses, such as taxi companies and private security companies, to offer some kind of report of percentages of increased revenue. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will ever know how much the Democratic Party pays for using “The Can” or “The Diaphragm”.

    All hail, the Anointed One, and those who hope to touch the hem of his garment.

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