I rarely delete a post. And, I won’t delete this one. But, let me tell you, folks, the below video and the accompanying commentary are the work of  Alex Jones and his minions, a nutcase of the first order. Yes, KHOW’s Peter Boyles has had this nut on his show several times, the last time this morning, Tuesday August 26th. Boyles touted Jones’ appearance as a “Hold onto your hats,” moment. Well, I held onto my hat and concluded Jones is, um, well… Sick? Demented? Schizoid? A mouth without a brain? A jerk? A Limbaugh wannabe?

Denver police microwave gun?

Uh-huh… This is probably what it is claimed to be. (Thanks, Charlie–see comments. Might want to take a look at an earlier post, “Don’t Broil Me Bro,” that provides two videos and a narrative on the “Silent Guardian,” weapon.) Note the microwave-looking device on top. Perhaps Very likely it’s a communication device, a satellite dish. Then again… The narrative that goes with this visual is here, at Change Colorado.

Denver cops, as much as I respect you for the job that needs to be done during the DNC, I’m also aware that excesses of force may be indulged. The presence of these “toys” you’ve been able to procure via the freebie funds from the Feds ($25 Million) might just become a little too convenient NOT to be used. I sincerely hope that will not be the case.

Y’all, cops as well as folks, be careful out there.

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  1. chasrmartin says:

    I think you’re probably getting excessively excited. That looks like a conventional satellite or microwave communications antenna; I’ve seen demos of the microwave “Active Dispersal System” and they use a much different reflector.

  2. georgeindenver says:

    Thanks, Charley. I, too, have seen (YouTube) demonstrations of the “Don’t Broil Me Bro” device and, yes, it looks different than what’s atop the vehicle in the video. You will note that I suggested it might be a communication device. So, no excessive excitement here. George does rant, at times. But, rarely does George become excessively excited about anything.

  3. chasrmartin says:

    Okay, what’s his name at the link is getting excessively excited. But those really don’t look like 95 GHz horns on the mast; that’s the telling point.

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