Where are the riots? I mean… Aren’t we supposed to have riots?

Walked downtown today from my West Highlands home–2 1/2 miles– with my backpack loaded up with camera, three lenses, water, Advil, Imodium (just in case). I wore a long-sleeve shirt and my Australian bush hat (avoiding carcinomas), and ended up in Civic Center Park. That’s where the riots are supposed to be. Right? Well, this is what I found.

The Seal Pond was spewing. Clear water. No homeless folks dealing drugs, panhandling, lolling in sleeping bags. Nope. Just the Seal Pond…spewing.

Beautiful flower beds.

Got a shot of Dan Abrams with MSNBC.

But, where were the riots? Dang!

So, I turned around and walked back home. Yes, 2 1/2 miles back to West Highlands.

Not that I wanted riots. But, hey, I gotta get some good pics. And, what makes for a better pic than a good old-fashioned riot.

Methinks this admittedly historic event in Denver is, to this point, quite a ho-hum affair.

But, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll head downtown tomorrow and the next day. There’s gotta be a riot somewhere!

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4 Responses to Where are the riots? I mean… Aren’t we supposed to have riots?

  1. Beth says:

    Well, George, when you’ve got double lines of police walking, riding bikes, and riding horses, it’s hard to get a good riot going! But maybe the concerts Tuesday night will help.

  2. I’ve ridden my bike downtown several times on the same mission and have had the same results as you. When I’ve done this, I’ve seen several other guys on their bikes, doing the same thing, riding around in circles, looking for the action, but finding none.

  3. chasrmartin says:

    I was calling it “the world’s most boring riot” last night.

  4. georgeindenver says:

    Hey, Beth. Yeah, spending about $11 Million brining in thousands of additional cops, all ready and some quite willing to bust some heads, might just stifle the embers of riot. Riots are not good things. Yet, got to make the observation that another generation of young folk were willing to put their bodies at risk for their beliefs. Apparently, not so this new generation of young’uns. But, yes, there is the concert tonight at the Coliseum and a supposed subsequent protest march. I wonder if the young’uns realize how far the Coliseum is from downtown Denver? By the time they get downtown–if they do–there’s gonna be some exhausted kids who, yes, probably won’t feel much like inciting anything, much less a riot.

    Jeffrey: I, too, saw several folks walking around in circles, cameras in hand, with nothing to see except a busy day on the 16th Street Mall and an empty Civic Center. Go figure.

    Charley: Yeah, that pretty much describes it.

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