Enter the Tempest… Be careful what you wish, um, Pray for…

Stuart Shepard, Director of Digital Media at Focus on the Family, suggested all “good” Christians pray for rain of “…biblical proportions…” when Barak Obama took the stage at Denver’s Mile High Stadium to deliver his acceptance speech.

Methinks that if Gustav had occurred during the DNC, Mister Shepard would have said–I have no doubt about this whatsoever–“I told you so!” with the accompanying commentary that Gustav was sent by God, that God was punishing the country for even giving a second thought to the candidacy of Barak Obama. Indeed, Mister Sherpard would have provided commentary that placed the reason for Gustav squarely on the backs of homa-sex-yalls, women who choose to preserve the integrity of their own bodies, environmentalists, global warming nutcases and Democrats in general.

Ah, be careful what you wish, um, Pray for.

P.S. It was a beautiful evening, an exceptionally beautiful evening when Obama delivered his acceptance speech. Go figure!

Republican prays for

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One Response to Enter the Tempest… Be careful what you wish, um, Pray for…

  1. What’s even more sad is that McLame’s clumsy prop-management of Gustav just ties him more and more to Bush and his disastrous mis-management. Throw in Palin and you’ve got a REAL disaster. I hope the campaign bus stocked a LOT of spare undies.

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