The Politics of Lunacy – Colorado Republican Party

Received a flyer today in the mail from the Colorado Republican Party entitled, “This is the story of William Ayers… Terrorist, Radical, Friend of Obama.” The flier, that I suspect was sent to unaffiliated voters, provides a short synopsis of the life and times of Ayers and concludes: “Ayers hosted a campaign launch gathering at his home in Chicago for Obama. Obama and Ayers served on two boards together, creating the by-laws together for one. Obama and Ayers are part of a ‘social circle’ in their Hyde Park neighborhood.” Golly, sounds pretty incriminating. But, just a thought here, couldn’t you have made the case that the little eight-year-old black kid actually lit the fuze for Ayers forty years ago? I mean, that tid-bit would play well with your base.

What lunatic within the Colorado Republican Party believes this crap will contribute to the McCain/Palin debacle. Whoops, I think I stated that wrong. Let me do it again. What lunatic within the Colorado Republican Party believes this crap will do anything to reverse the debacle the McCain/Palin ticket has become? What effing genius within the Colorado Republican Party believes that I, as an unaffiliated voter, will glean anything from this BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID slick-backed missive to make me consider voting McCain/Palin?

The thing is, the flier doesn’t mention a thing about the Republican ticket, just a recapitulation of the same old, same old cheap shot Rovian politics of fear and paranoia. What’s up with that? Wouldn’t you think the Grand Old Party of Colorado would be prideful in its national ticket and, um, provide a few paragraphs about the old white guy and the “…you-betcha…” joe-six-pack charm of the neocon cheerleader from Alaska who shakes her pom-poms to ward off witches, to keep the Ruskies away from her bedroom window? Wouldn’t you think the Colorado GOP would spend their money furthering an argument FOR their candidates, rather than furthering an argument exquisitely representative of the kind of political lunancy the people of this country are damned sick and tired of?

I know… I ended a sentence with a preposition. Sorry.

This flier will, I guarantee you, cause many, many, many GOOD AMERICANS to pull the lever assuring the old white guy and his goofball running mate become a footnote in history…somewhere after Warren Harding, I suspect, or maybe closer to Soupy Sales.


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3 Responses to The Politics of Lunacy – Colorado Republican Party

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  2. Suz at Large says:

    “Soupy Sales!”

    ROFLMAO!! That mental image may remain long after the 2008 bumper stickers have peeled off and the T-shirts gone into the Goodwil donation boxes.

    Me, I’m just happy we’re sending that ignorant harpy and her “First Dood” back to Alaska.

    At least McCain made a classy gracious concession speech last night.

    Much classier than the boos from his invitation-only audience in response to his positive remarks about the President-elect. Which was an object lesson in why we didn’t see *that* John McCain much on the campaign trail. He would have never been nominated by those idiots.

  3. georgeindenver says:

    Suz, McCain was very classy last night. He fought the good fight, as he saw the good fight to be. The question, I suppose, that always pops up is do the times pick the man/woman or does the man/woman pick the time. I’ve always believed that the times do the picking. Add to that the miserable campaign the GOP embarked on–witness the post this comment is attached to–the idiot incumbent, the idiot, as you say, harpy McCain “gambled” on to energize the base and, well, the results speak for themselves.

    And, Lawd Have Mercy!, the Musgrave is gone!!! Hallelujah!!!

    Thanks for the comment.


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