Godspeed, Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth Has Died at 91

I suppose if I were to reflect on a person, an artist who, through much of my life, has captured my imagination, has captured that part of me that begs melancholy (if only for a moment), who provides the essence of the “American Experience,” in a quiet, contemplative, albeit amazingly stark reality…that reflection would be encompassed by the works of Andrew Wyeth.

And, he loved critters, dogs in particular. What more could any man provide as testament that his reward will surely be heaven.

Godspeed, Andrew Wyeth.

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1 Response to Godspeed, Andrew Wyeth

  1. doog says:

    Vita brevis, ars longa.

    Lovely video!!

    Thanks for another heartfelt post George.

    Poignant, as you often are.

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