God Bless You Matthew Shepard – God Damn you Congresswoman Foxx

North Carolina Congresswoman Virginia Foxx commits here an effrontery that cannot be forgiven.  Shame, shame on you Congresswoman.

The eloquence of Matthew’s father at the sentencing hearing for the two young men who ended Matthew Shepard’s life, is comment enough. I could do no better. Any commentary I could provide would only pale next to the words, the grief, and ultimately the forgiveness expressed by Matthew’s father.

Dennis Shepard’s courtroom speech (… to remember Matthew Shepard on the 10th anniversary of his death)

The background from Wickipedia.

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3 Responses to God Bless You Matthew Shepard – God Damn you Congresswoman Foxx

  1. Reader says:

    Hatred, bigotry, and ignorance are alive and well. Virginia Foxx is a fool of the first order and deserves to be expelled from Congress!

  2. Why does it have to be a greater crime to kill a gay person than a straight person?

  3. georgeindenver says:

    Well, Mister Purecommonsense, your question begs the observation that pure common sense is a concept you’re not quite conversant with, in spite of your moniker.

    Or, maybe you’re just asking a question. I suspect not. I suspect your question constitutes your particular frame of mind; something that anything I might say will not penetrate.

    Consider this: It is not a greater crime to kill a gay person that a straight person. Period. No equivocation. Period.

    It is a “greater crime” to kill a gay person if your motivation is based on the “protected class” status of that gay person. Like it or not, gay folk are, have been, and probably forever will be–in America–discriminated against simply because of who and what they are–different from the greatest majority of folk, like yourself, who cringe at the specter of someone different than themselves.

    Well-established in American jurisprudence is the notion that the motivation for committing a crime may become a contributing factor in what that person is charged with. First degree, second degree murder, as well as manslaughter are charges largely based upon motivation. If you don’t understand this, then READ, Google it, educate yourself.

    You might also want to READ a bit about the history of the Civil Rights movement in this country. The legacy of that movement is central to this discussion.

    By the way, the killers of Matthew Shepard were NOT prosecuted under any “hate crime” legislation. Neither the Federal Government or, surprise, the state of Wyoming had such legislation on the books at the time of trial. Again, EDUCATE yourself, Mister Purecommonsense.

    Finally, if you don’t understand my point here, then–as I noted earlier–your moniker does not serve you well. You might want to change it to, oh, let’s say “Mister Confused.”

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