My new novel, “Big Diehl – The Road Home” Released

My latest work, “Big Diehl – The Road Home” has just been released by MLR Press. The full commentary on the book is here.

Full disclosure: This book contains tangential gay erotica. It is not for the young’uns, nor for those squeamish about such things. I think it is, however, a pretty damn good story.

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3 Responses to My new novel, “Big Diehl – The Road Home” Released

  1. colleen says:

    Hello Georgie–Over the months I’ve been checking your blog and–I swear–I hadn’t seen any entries. Today I was pleasantly surprised at all the publishing you’ve been doing. Congratulations! Your writing is among the most lyrical I’ve ever read and–wherever the story takes me–I love the ride.

    I no longer have your email address. Please write when you have a chance.

    • georgeindenver says:

      Hey Colleen
      Thank you, ma’am. I’ll get with you via email. I’ve really neglected you, lo these many, many months. Sorry.

  2. Gail says:

    Just read Big Diehl – really enjoyed it, although I wish two of the characters in the story had a better outcome – I also understand life isn’t always sunshine and roses is it? Even in fiction based stories. 🙂 I must say wonderful writing. You capture my attention to Diehl, his life and even though the story was short it was able to cross alot of important events in Diehls life in what I thought was a meaningful way and where the reader could identify and feel what it was like to be in Diehls head, what he thought and the self control he has. He experienced many things good and bad in that six year time period . It inspired me to purchased Big Diehl – The road home because I wanted to read and learn more about Deihl and his life. I hope to start reading that one soon. Can’t wait to read what adventures this story brings for Diehl. Again I do not anticipate this story to be all happiness and sunshine but I hope Diehl finally finds in life what he is looking for. Thank you!

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