Shy – A horse story…

A short video about my little Quarter Horse, Shy. Hope you enjoy….

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2 Responses to Shy – A horse story…

  1. Kim Packer says:

    George, I hope that you and Shy continue to grow together. My dad, a professional horse trainers, used to say that you can have a relationship with a horse that is closer than any known. Closer than with dogs. Closer than with people. In many ways I believe it to be true. .

    • georgeindenver says:

      Thank you, Kim. I do believe that to be true. Since I can no longer ride, shortly after I made the video I sold Shy to a young woman who’d been leasing him for a while. She is doing great with him, even to the extent of showing him in competition. I still have visiting privileges, and do see him quite often. All in all, everything has worked out for the best–both for me and my boy, Shy. He’s a great horse, a wonderful companion. Thanks again.

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