dsc01771.JPGLiberated from the drudgery of work (as in “job”), I’m a published author, writing literary fiction mostly, some with an erotic twist. I live at 8700 ft. in the Colorado mountains, and share my life with my partner of thirty-two years, David, and our Alaskan Malamute, Kuma.

My published work can be found here.

5 Responses to About

  1. doog says:

    Add to the above: “Top-notch writer, observer and commentator on the hive that is Denver, the madness that is local politics and the sublime joy that is being human.” đŸ˜€

  2. georgeindenver says:

    Doog, thank you. “…the sublime joy that is being human.” Good words, Doog. Suspect you, as well, share that joy.

  3. Dawn Spelke says:

    Hi, Georgeindenver,

    I was just noticing your image of a duck on the water on your web site. I work for the Wash Park Profile, a community newspaper. We are at press time for our August issue, in which we will be running a story regarding the city’s use of gray water to irrigate the park, and some questions regarding its safety. I am casting about to find a relevant image we can use for our front page, and I was wondering if you would allow us to download and use your image of the mallard.

    Of course, we are at deadline, so the paper will go to press tomorrow (Wed., July 29) night, and I would need to hear from you by then. Please let me know if this would work. My phone number is 303-778-8021. You can see us online at http://www.washparkprofile.com. Thank you.

  4. Robert Ramsay says:

    Hey George,

    I just purchased in paperback Big Diehl, The Road Home, and even though I’m just about half-way through, I gotta hand it to you man, you’re a top notch writer – what a page turner that book is – I have the habit of reading before sleeping, but I hate to put that book down – I gotta know that Big Diehl is going to be OKAY – guess I’ll find out in a bit – I recently attended a writing workshop where the facilitator said that if your characters don’t seem to be doing much, “put the stick in the monkey cage and stir things up!” You sure have done that with Big – I just think he’s going to get home safely now, and something else rears its ugly head.

    thanks for a good read. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.

    Courtenay, BC Canada

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