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Letters to Melissa – Long Overdue

I regret, Sweet Melissa, that I haven’t taken the time in a very long while to provide a missive to you. These scribbles do enrich my day and, yes,  they serve to pull those oh so many wonderful memories of … Continue reading

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A Temporate Agony – Unexpected Journey to the edge of the Abyss

Here I lie in my hospital bed Tell me, sister morphine, when are you coming round again? Oh, I don’t think I can wait that long Oh, you see that I’m not that strong Rolling Stones, “Sister Morphine” Can you … Continue reading

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Garden of the Gods – An Epiphany

Growing up in Denver, a visit to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs was pretty much an annual event. Hell, it was free and God knows my father’s paltry remuneration from the Denver Police Department didn’t provide for … Continue reading

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