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Theocratic Priapism – The Ascendency of Archbishop Aquila

As reported in the National Catholic Register, Denver’s new archbishop, Samuel Aquila, “…will continue to firmly and publicly uphold the Church’s teaching, just as he did in his previous Diocese of Fargo, N.D.” Now, here we have this Prince of … Continue reading

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Flag “Desecration” – Three Views – That troublesome First Amendment

“Occupy Denver,” November, 2011; Fred Phelps’ minions (Westboro Baptist Church), March, 2006; Ed Stein’s view from the now defunct Rocky Mountain News Just sayin’…

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Hot Pants Hancock?? — Denver’s Mayor-Elect — A Concupiscent Pickle

So, in a nutshell, Denver’s mayor-elect, Michael Hancock, is alleged to have hired $300 an hour hookers on at least three occasions between 2004 and 2006. Hancock, of course, denies it all categorically, and suggests that believing what a pimp … Continue reading

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