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The Rest of the Story – Denver’s Abandoned/Confiscated Vehicle Process

Danger! Danger! Very Esoteric Post! Beware! NOTE: Over the next several days (weeks), I will append sections of this post with information, observations that I believe to be relevant to the subject matter. Those supplemental “gems” will appear in blue. … Continue reading

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Hickenlooper Again Squats on City Employees, Taxpayers (And, it don’t smell that good, y’all!)

As you may know, Mayor Hickenlooper has required city employees (non-safety personnel) to take several unpaid “furlough” days, in response to the lousy economy. As you may also know, the fiscal health of the city’s General Fund depends primarily on … Continue reading

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Denver’s Bond Boogie – Get Ready Folks, Promises Made Not Likely to be Kept

April 14, 2009. Update. Yes, I understand the issue which this post deals with is not something that excites, is in no way akin to, oh, what’s going on over at American Idol, or what’s up with the trade of … Continue reading

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