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Killing Coyotes – A Gruesome Perk of the Privileged

(Image: Britannica – Advocacy for Animals) Greenwood Village, Colorado–the most affluent, wealthiest community in Colorado–has passed an ordinance that provides $60 an hour for hired guns to shoot and kill coyotes who have, of late, exhibited the temerity to expose … Continue reading

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Update – Denver Cop Kills Labrador Retriever – Justice Lingers

As an update to my earlier post, “Denver Cop Kills Dog – ‘Threatened by a Yellow Lab’ – Give me an effing break!” it is heartening to see that the owners of the dog, Rocky, have given notice to the … Continue reading

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Goose Poop – Prolific Output RE: Our Candian Friends

Our old house in West Highlands is directly under the Canada Geese flight path. The flocks move daily from one northwest Denver park to another knowing, I suppose, where the feeding is best. There is still magic in watching those … Continue reading

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